The second HAREISEE meeting has been organized in Trieste, the 10-11 July, to bring together the seismological institutions of the Central and Eastern Europe area to strengthen the existing interaction and to create new collaborations. The main possibilities to realize this is represented by the new European project calls of period 2014-2020.
The first HAREISEE meeting occurred in Klagenfurt (Austria) the 24th of October 2013. The participants at the first meeting were the partners that collaborated with full success in past Interreg projects (University of Trieste, ZAMG, ARSO and OGS).



  1. AREA Science Park – Trieste (Italy): Fabio Tomasi
  2. ARPAV (Italy): Mirco Pollet
  3. University of Zagreb – Zagreb (Croatia): Ivo Allegretti, Davorka Herak, Marijan Herak
  4. Ufficio Geologia e prove materiali, Bolzano (Italy): Claudio Carraro
  5. DPC Roma (Italy): Luisa Filippi
  6. ICTP – Trieste (Italy): Abdelkrim Aoudia
  7. INGV – Milano (Italy): Romano Camassi, Andrea Rovidia
  8. OGS – Trieste (Italy): Alessandro Rebez, Giuliana Rossi
  9. National Institute for Earth Physics – Bucarest (Romania): Constantin Ionescu, Iren Moldovan
  10. Comenius University – Bratislava (Slovakia): Jozef Kristek, Miriam Kristekova, Robert Kysel
  11. University of Genova – Genova (Italy) : Daniele Spallarossa
  12. University of Trieste – Trieste (Italy): Leonardo Colavitti, Giovanni Costa, Antonella Gallo, Lara Tiberi, Giuliana Zoppè
  13. ZAMG – Vienna (Austria): Christa Hammerl, Peter Melichar